Current work, Media coverage and Meetings

End of fish Day 2024

With the End of Fish Day, Bread for the World, Fair Oceans and Slow Food Germany want to draw attention to the state of our fish stocks every year.  The day marks the point at which people in Germany have mathematically exhausted their fish reserves for the rest of the year and are completely dependent on imports. This year, we already reached our limit on February 29. We were there to discuss the current problems and possible solutions on the podium.

sustainMare MTC

For the first time, all seven sustainMare projects have come together. The mid-term conference took place at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel from 30.08.2023- 01.09.2023. Current results were presented and future questions were developed. Together we want to face the challenges of a sustainable use of the coastal seas.

Discover the colorful diversity of the oceans

Fascinating insights into our underwater world are currently on display at the "Schlaues Haus" in Oldenburg. Until May 24, 2023, visitors can admire flora and fauna from various coastal waters.

EU Commission approves protection measures

The time has come. On 16th February 2023, it was officially announced that the EU Commission had approved the measures to restrict mobile, bottom-contact fishing in the marine protected areas of the German North Sea. We are excited to study the future developments  in the areas and look forward to interesting research questions.

Final meeting Phase I

The first period of MGF-Nordsee is coming to an end. Thus, we met internally in a two days online workshop on 26th-27th January 2023 to present our results and discuss the next steps.

Many questions were adressed, more questions appeared. All our findings will be summarized in a final report in the following months.

Stakeholder workshop

On the beautiful island of Vilm, colleagues from the research mission sustainMare and from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservsation came together on 24th January 2023. The aim was to increase the collaboration between science and management and to define joint focus questions.

Coastal symposium

From 9th-11th Nov 2022 we joined the 3rd "Küstensymposium" in Hamburg with the major topic "Changing coasts". We presented MGF-Nordsee with its recent results in a pitch presentation. In addition to interesting talks and exciting discussion, the artist Jessica Frische beautifully summarized the different focal topics in a grafical abstract. We really love the little picture summary of our project. 

"Meeresumweltsymposium" in Hamburg

We joined the “Meeresumweltsymposium ” in Hamburg on 18th – 19th May 2022. Our project was presented on a poster. There were plenty of interesting presentations and lively discussions on future challenges for North Sea management.

Status meeting of MGF projects

MGF-Nordsee and MGF-Ostsee met on 15th-16th March 2022 for their annual status seminar to present and discuss their recent, exciting results.

Kick off of the DAM mission sustainMare

On the 1st Dec 2021, five projects of the DAM research mission "Protection and Sustainable Use of Marine Areas" (sustainMare) started in addition to the pilot missions. The joint Kick off of the sustainMare mission took place on 17th-18th Feb 2022.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geestacht is now Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

The partner institution Helmholtz-Zentrum Geestacht of MGF-North Sea is now the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon.

Kick off Meeting

On the 01. - 02. December 2020 we had our first joint meeting with the MGF-North Sea and MGF-Baltic Sea teams.

Launch of the DAM

On the 30.11.2020 the two pilot missions MGF-North Sea und MGF-Baltic Sea were officially launched in an online event of the German Marine Research Alliance.